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Blinkjoy Night Eye Mask

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Ever wake up with irritated, red, sore eyes? Or do your eyes ever take a long time to clear after you open them?

Blinkjoy Night Eye Mask gives you relief for your eyes overnight.

Often our eyelids don't fully close overnight. Similar to a fridge door seal that doesn't close.

At night, our body produces less lubricating tears. With extra evaporation, we can start the day with tired, irritated eyes, instead of waking feeling refreshed.

What makes Blinkjoy Mask Unique?

There are several eye masks on the market. Blinkjoy has:

  • Zero Eye Pressure: you can adjust the eye pieces to sit perfectly over your eyes. This means that there is zero eye pressure
  • Silicon eye inserts: silicon helps resist bacterial buildup. The inserts are easy to remove and clean with a mild soap. This way you're not adding more germs to your eyelids when you put your mask back on.
  • Comfortable for side, back, or front sleepers: the soft padding makes it easy for you to lay on your side, back or front when you sleep

Try Blinkjoy Mask today!

Customer Reviews
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Margaret K.
Australia Australia

Night eye mask

After getting used to it I’m very happy with results

Mireille F.
Canada Canada

Super comfortable eye mask!

Most comfortable eye mask I have ever tried! The silicone eye cups mould and shape perfectly to my face. My sleep has improved a lot since switching to this eye mask. Actually forget that I am wearing it until I turn over to sleep on my side. If I wash the silicone eyecups right before bed and leave a bit of humidity in them, there are still drops of humidity in the eye cups in the morning when I wake up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

A Dr Leigh Plowman Customer
Dani P.
Australia Australia

Finally I now wake up with fresh, moist, comfortable eyes!

My eyes used to feel dry, sore, gritty, sticky, tired and sometimes goopy/gluggy in the morning. The dry and gritty sensation in my eyes made me feel uncomfortable, distracted, and cautious about doing activities where I would be exposed to bright light and/or wind. On particularly bad days I would try to avoid going outside at all, and would experience difficulty looking at computer screens for more than twenty minutes at a time. My eyes would look mildly to significantly red, including the eyelid rims, and I would feel self-conscious about my appearance, and having to explain to people that my eyes were dry (rather than whatever else they assumed I had been doing). They felt like this for approximately eight years. I have tried preservative-free lubricating drops and gels. The drops felt nice when I put them in at bedtime but made no difference an hour or so later, or if I woke up in the night with uncomfortable dry eyes, and definitely not by morning time. Gels have helped a bit more overnight, the products I have found most helpful have been Vitapos ointment and my favourite is by far the Xailin Night (lubricating eye ointment). The silicon mask that I tried overnight did assist with the dry eye symptoms that I had been experiencing. I found that it was a bit too wide for my face shape, and I needed to do up the elastic quite tightly to keep it in place, that meant it didn't always seal well around my eyes and it put strain on the silicon section over the nose and it started to crack. The Blinkjoy mask is a deluxe experience, the ability to place both of the eye covers at exactly the right distance apart and angle to suit my face has meant it provides a very effective and comfortable seal around the eye area, keeping eyes moist all night long. The removable silicone eye pouches are very easy to wash and keep clean, without getting the rest of the padding/strap wet. The additional padding on the Blinkjoy mask has meant that I am a lot more comfortable sleeping on my side/stomach, while keeping the mask snugly in place. The velcro and stretchy band means the Blinkjoy mask can be adjusted to fit my head very well, and it's great that the velcro doesn't snag on long hair. An added bonus is that the Blinkjoy mask blocks out all light, so I find I get to sleep faster and stay in a deeper sleep no matter how light the room may be. It took a few nights to get used to wearing an eye mask, but it has been more than worth it, to finally wake up with fresh, moist, comfortable eyes. I have used it by itself, and in combination with a lubricating eye ointment for an extra boost. After eight years of dry eyes, this mask has been a game changer for me. Waking up with moist eyes that aren't sore, gritty or stuck together, really is delightful. The mask is highly adjustable to get that comfortable and snug fit, is easy to clean and keep hygienic, and keeps the eye area moist and hydrated.


Dr Leigh Plowman

We're so glad that you found relief for your eyes, Dani! Thank you for sharing your review of our mask!

Lesley B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Making a difference to my dry eyes overnight

I've never tried sleep shields/goggles before, so I don't have anything to compare these too. I'm a side sleeper, but have found the Blinkjoy to be okay for me. It is surprisingly comfortable to wear, and easy to clean the eye cups. I have found it has made quite a difference to my eyes most nights. I used Hylo night ointment before going to sleep and have been able to reduce down the extra drops I used to have to add about 5 times a night to only once a night.


Dr Leigh Plowman

Great- we're so pleased that Blinkjoy has helped you to reduce your ointment at night!

Callista H.
Australia Australia

Works well

It creates a humid environment around my eyes.


Dr Leigh Plowman

We're glad that this mask works well for you, Callista!

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