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Blinkjoy Night Eye Mask

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Ever wake up with irritated, red, sore eyes? Or do your eyes ever take a long time to clear after you open them?

Blinkjoy Night Eye Mask gives you relief for your eyes overnight.

Often our eyelids don't fully close overnight. Similar to a fridge door seal that doesn't close.

At night, our body produces less lubricating tears. With extra evaporation, we can start the day with tired, irritated eyes, instead of waking feeling refreshed.

What makes Blinkjoy Mask Unique?

There are several eye masks on the market. Blinkjoy has:

  • Zero Eye Pressure: you can adjust the eye pieces to sit perfectly over your eyes. This means that there is zero eye pressure
  • Silicon eye inserts: silicon helps resist bacterial buildup. The inserts are easy to remove and clean with a mild soap. This way you're not adding more germs to your eyelids when you put your mask back on.
  • Comfortable for side, back, or front sleepers: the soft padding makes it easy for you to lay on your side, back or front when you sleep

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