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Cationorm Eye Drops

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Looking for a non-preserved eyedrop that gives relief?

Cationorm® eye drops support all three layers of normal tears. Unlike some other drops, they have an oily layer. The eye drop is a milky colour. This helps to clear smeary, filmy eyesight.

Ordinary lubricant eye drops simply provide more moisture which can evaporate quickly from the ocular surface.

Cationorm® eye drop is positively charged. This means that it stays in the eye much longer than other eye drops. 

The drops also have mild anti-inflammatory effects. 

Cationorm is available in a multi-dose bottle or single unit vials. The multi-dose bottle can be used for up to three months. Both bottle and vials are non-preserved.


liquid paraffin + glycerol + tyloxapol + poloxamer-188 + trometamol hydrochloride + trometamol + cetalkonium chloride eye drops


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